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I Wish He’s My True Love

on May 26, 2017

He can always handle me.

And it makes me more attached to him.

I love him so much. I might have been in love before, but it never felt this strong. So strong that I realize that this is a different love. So strong that I’m not interested in any other man. So strong that I don’t wanna get married unless with him.

I salute his patience to handle a girl with mental illness like me. He can always rebukes my mistakes or wrongdoings without hurting me. He can always teach me good lessons in life. He can change me into a better person. A man like him is the one I need. Yes, I need him.

I wonder if I can find someone like him. Never I feel “he is the right one for me” or “he is the best for me” before. Yes, that’s what I feel. Though I will never know God’s plan. Maybe for God, this man is not the best for me. Only HIM knows. Sometimes I want to be selfish and presumptuous to God by asking HIM to have me marry this man. Oh God, please forgive me.

I really hope he is my true love.


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