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National Broken Heart Day

on May 22, 2017

My crush, Hamish Daud, got engaged with my doppelgänger, Raisa, last night.

Imagine how many male fans of her got their heart broken as she is considered one of the most beautiful women in Indonesia.

Not only the guys, but girls also had their heart broken because their dream-ideal-future-husband was finally officially taken. Including me, huhu.. Babang Hamish jahhaaaaaddd!! 💔😭

Hence, as a joke, people named today as National Broken Heart Day. 😂😂

But was I really literally broken because of that? Of course no. You can never compare your imaginary crush with your real crush, can’t you? 😏

Anyway, congratulations Yaya and Hamish! 🎉🎊💍💞


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