handiramy's Blog

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on May 7, 2016

Sometimes I just can’t resist this longing. I don’t cry anymore nowadays, but sometimes I just felt like “Oh God damn it I’m missing him so badly. Is he okay? What is he doing right now?”, and made me feel so sad or galau.
I texted him days ago, telling him that I missed him. Though I already knew he would not reply. And he didn’t. Until the 60th day, if he remembers.
But deep in my heart, I believe he will always remembers his promise.
Up to now, he still keeps in contact with my sister. When my sister was going to perform Umrah couple weeks ago and got ill there, I told him by SMS. He didn’t reply me at all, yet he texted my sister. Though we don’t communicate anymore now, he still cares about my family.
God, please give me strength to move on..


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