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on April 22, 2015

Today a friend of mine told me to participate in Hijab Hunt 2015. I browsed and learnt about it.
I asked some friends and my family, and they gave me supports.
But I really feel unconfident that my skin is not beautiful, I’m not slim, and I don’t have any talent.
But since many people are supporting me so I think I will try.
Actually I wanted to ask about ‘his’ opinion but he didn’t give an ear about it. I’m kinda sad but I can understand since he will have an exam today.
I will tell him about this if I can pass the audition on 23rd May in Bandung, it will be a surprise, hehe.. If I don’t make it, I won’t tell him, so I won’t be shameful after him, haha! 😛

Good luck for your exam, baby bear 🙂


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