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Angels Also Know

on April 14, 2015

Your exhaustion becomes my exhaustion as well
Your happiness is my happiness as well
We always share our destinies
Except every time you fall for someone else

This time’s taking almost all of my energy
I will prove to you that my love is true
My loyalty will be present everyday
I can’t bear to let you be alone
Although, you’re often engrossed in being alone instead
Your emptiness won’t fade overnight
By your dream girl, however, it’s an opportunity
For me that might not be perfect
But I’m ready to be tested
I believe in myself, that my love is true

You will always ask for me to accompany you
And you always joke if my face is changed,
You’ll forbid me to go because you can’t be alone

Yet, you can’t see it
Sometimes, angels are wingless
Not brilliant, not beautiful
Yet my dear, please compete
Between me and the others
Angels also know
I will become the champion

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