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I Can’t Let Go

on April 11, 2015

I see you no matter where I look
My crumbling heart
I can’t hide
Baby for one minute, one second
I can’t let go

I hear your voice no matter where I go
My broken heart
I can’t breathe
Baby, I can’t let you go
Even for one moment, one minute, one second

No matter where you went, what you did
When you sat in your little corner, or laid down on your bed
You straightened your hair with your right hand
When you were tired and yawned, you kept the tears you wiped away
And you would smile like an idiot, showing the dimples in your two cheeks
Whenever you ate something
The pinky that you raised
The glossy black hair that could blind
Your full lips, I hoped it would be forever

This is lov to the e
This autobiographical memory twists my heart
Flips me upside down, with never ending tears
See love could shake a hurricane
The raindrops that blow against my feelings, one drop
The little memories
Our small memories became transparent
Even though I try to bring it back
The memories of us, I can never make it again
Like yesterday night’s dream, it’s so clear, but it’s gone



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