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POEM: We Are The Selfish Humans

on March 13, 2015


Boys are selfish. Men are not.
Girls are drama queen. Women are not.

Don’t pretend as if you care when you actually don’t.
Don’t tell someone that they are important to you, if you never put them as first priority.
Don’t tell someone that you like/love them if you don’t put the efforts.
Don’t make someone get attached to you when you are not serious with them.
Don’t treat someone as if they’re your lover if you’re afraid with commitment.

We often think that ALLAH doesn’t care about us, while HE actually does.
We know that ALLAH is very important but we never make HIM as first priority.
We claim “I love ALLAH” while we don’t put our efforts.
When we try to get attached to HIM, we are not serious in doing it.
We are committed by the 2 lines of shahadat declarations, but we never treat ALLAH as our lover.


Jehan Eldira Islamy
Bandung, 13th March 2015


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