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How to Please Your Girl

on December 16, 2014

Dear guys,
You may feel like you know how to make a girl happy, but, are you doing it right?
Let’s check!

1. A simple “good morning” everyday can make her day. Don’t let her wait for your first text every morning. Make her feel special. But if she saw you online without you greeted her, she would feel dejected and unwanted.

2. Not just greetings, guys. You should start any new topic for conversations. Girls adore such guys, because it shows that you have interest in her, and also it can impress her ’cause she will think that you are a smart person who has many things to talk about in your mind.

3. Tell her “you are beautiful/gorgeous” rather than “you are hot/sexy”. Doesn’t mean girls dislike being called ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, but sometimes it feels like we are only a passing-by-girls on the street whom you try to flirt. When a guy called us hot or sexy, we consider it as a physical compliment, because of hot boobs or sexy ass. But when a guy called us beautiful, it’s not only about body. That’s why we feel happier by the word “beautiful” rather than “hot”. We are not chilli, hehe..

4. Pay attention of what she is telling you, and give response. Some girls can just tell you directly of what she has done or seen, some girls will just give you the source such as links of videos or articles (they want you to watch the videos or read the articles by yourself). Listen to her, if she tells you directly. Go for the source, if she wants you to do so. After that, give her response. Tell her what your opinion is. Anything. Not just “good” or “nice”. Give her more response. You can also give her any advice related to her story. Or you can share any of your experience to keep the conversation go.

5. Pamper her sometimes. Some guys pamper a girl by gifts and money. Some guys pamper a girl with sweet words. Some guys pamper a girl sexually (physical touching). Well, not all girls are money-oriented. Not all girls believe in sweet words easily. Not all girls only need physical touching. If you can pamper her physically, doesn’t mean it can make you understand her feelings.

6. Make her your priority. When girls fall in love, we usually make our lovers as our priority. And we expect our partner does the same thing to us. Believe me, it will make her love you more like crazy.

7. Remember her special moments. Her birthday, her graduation day, her first day in office, her anniversary with you, etc. Some girls don’t need any gift from you, as long as you can be the first one who greets her birthday, the one who dresses up special on her graduation day, the one who spends whole day just to be with her on anniversary day, etc. It will make her crazy for you.


I may update this later.

Jehan Eldira Islamy
Tuesday, 16th December 2014


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