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Happy Birthday to Me

on December 11, 2014

Yesterday was my birthday and nothing special happened. I myself was not excited with my own birthday this year. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m not that young anymore haha. Well, I’m turning 24 and still haven’t made any achievement. I haven’t graduated yet while my fellow friends already got jobs and many of them are even married and have babies. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t excited with my birthday this year. Instead, I was sad although I received a lot of birthday greetings from my friends. What kind of person I am. I thought before I reached this 24th number, I could already make my parents proud of me. Pity me. Hey, when mom was 24, she gave birth to my brother. While me in 24 is still single haha. šŸ˜„

After I made a poem n the article “Signs You Are a Despo”, I went to sleep before 9PM and turned off both my laptop and mobile phone. I woke up at about 3.30 AM and turned on my phone. I had to wait for a couple of minutes to wait for my phone to stop ringing. Got a lot of messages through SMS, BBM, Line, WA, Viber, and even WeChat. Also some notifications on Facebook. At first I opened my Line because I knew it must be from my family. That’s right, I got a lot of messages from my family group. Award for my sister for being the first person who greeted me birthday as she text at 00.00. Last year, she was also one of the first ones. The others were my bestie Chitra and my Pakistani ex boyfriend. That dog greeted me on Skype, while Chitra on WhatsApp and my sister on Line.

Last year, I got many gifts from my Pakistani ex bf, also a surprise birthday cake from him which was brought by a friend of mine at night (this year he didn’t even greet me birthday, and I don’t care). I also got 2 shirts from my brother. A clock and a note book from Chitra. I don’t remember I got any other gifts. I’m not a type of kid who asks for things from my parents even on my birthdays. I prefer buying things with my own saving money.

Dad bought me my first mobile phone (it was Nokia 2100) when I was 12 because I got 100/100 on both Biology and Math final exams at school (and I got the 2nd rank in class). A year later he bought me a motorbike for my surprise birthday gift (I never asked him). Yes, our own family’s first vehicle. It was Yamaha Nouvo, the matic one. I can say that at that time my family started raising from poverty haha. At that time, salary of armies was very pathetic. Although dad was an officer, had been commander in some cities, and had studied in some countries. So in 2002 or 2003 (I don’t remember exactly) when Pertamina (Indonesian Oil Company) opened reqruitment for army and police, he applied for it. Alhamdulillah, from hundreds of people, he was number #1. They only hired 5 people. He then took early retirement from Air Force. He worked in other city in West Java (3-4 hours by car from Jakarta) and he used to go home every weekends or every 2 weeks. He just moved to Jakarta last January, and now works in the headquarter office.

My parents always wish that may I get accepted in Pertamina. And mom really hopes that they would place me in the headquarter office so I won’t live far away from her. Hahaha. After I graduate I would like to apply for all the possibilities, for all reqruitment from any oil company. Pertamina, Chevron, Total, Vico, anything. As long as not service company as Schlumberger and Halliburton. I’m a crybaby and a lazy person so working in service company doesn’t suit me haha. One other thing, being placed in the headquarter office in Jakarta is okay but I really wish to work in another island such in Kalimantan island or Sumatra island. Bored with Java haha.

Oops, I did it again! I have been talking too much again and out off topic.

Well, I hope my age-turning would be a momentum for me to change into a better person. Be wiser, more mature, feminine, intelligent, pious, polite, beautiful, famous, richer, hits, slimmer, sexier, hotter, hahahahaamiin :)))

Anyway, yesterday evening my dad suddenly called me. I have been told that he just transferred me some amount of money to treat my friends. Aww thank you dad :*

This afternoon I’m gonna watch Doraemon Stand by Me on Blitz Megaplex PVJ (Paris Van Java) with 9 friends. šŸ˜€

I will go home tomorrow cuz I will have to attend my highschool big reunion on Saturday. On Sunday I will go with my childhood bestie Dina to Mall Taman Anggrek. We will play ice skating and watch a movie. She will also accompany and guide me to buy an eyeliner. Maybe I will try Maybelline, because she uses its eyeliner product. She will teach me how to apply eyeliner on eyes. I’m exited hehe.. šŸ˜›


Jehan Eldira Islamy
Thursday, 11th December 2014


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