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Dreamin’ You

on October 12, 2014

Boy you and I, we’re made for lovin’
I see the sign each time I hold you near
There’s a joy and know it all you searched for in your lifetime
Is right there by your side
Like an open door to paradise..

And when you smile the world seems brighter
You put the sun inside the darkest day
Every night I know you’re there to guide me into heaven
Cause the heaven’s in your eyes
Tellin’ me that I’ve been hypnotized..

Listen baby,
Don’t ever say there’s no tomorrow
Cause love can keep us rollin’ thru the years
You can feel…
The magic when we cuddle close together
It’s that good old fashion spell
Baby you and I both know so well..

You’ve got me dreamin’ you
All day thru
Ain’t never got no time for feelin’ blue
Cause you’re the world to me
Can’t you see?
No matter what I do
I’m always dreamin’ you…….

Everyday and everynight you make everything all right!
Stay forever in my life…


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