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The Poets: Lang Leav vs Michael Faudet

on September 23, 2014

Lang Leav is my favorite poet. Her poetry is so awesome, cute, romantic, deep… ❤
Follow her fanpage here. 🙂
From her fanpage I found another romantic poet named Michael Faudet. ❤
Follow his fanpage here. 🙂

I took some of their pics of their poems and I uploaded here.
Which one is better, Lang Leav or Michael Faudet?
Well, I still love Lang Leav more ❤ She is my inspiration 😉

lang leav 1 lang leav 2 lang leav 3 questions lang leav acceptance lang leav amends lang leav an artist in love lang leav her lang leav hope lang leav no other lang leav perfect lang leav the keeper lang leav the most lang leav the poetMF a parting gift MF gratitude MF hypnotized MF i love you MF pretty torments Michael faudet


One response to “The Poets: Lang Leav vs Michael Faudet

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love both of them! But I’m drawn more to sad stuffs.. soo… Lang leav has my heart 😊😊

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