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My Poem: The Love Traitor

on September 21, 2014


You’re hiding the truths in your eyes
While composing another lies in your brain
And spoiling me with your sweet tongue
It’s boiling in my blood

You think I won’t figure it out
But you don’t remember
No matter how wily a squirrel jumps
It will surely fall as well

You are distorting facts
As if I have an affair
As if I put my heart to others
What kind of man are you?

You are hacking my mind
You have gotten into my veins
Breaking my heart valves
And sucking my blood ’til I’m helpless

Oh, my love traitor
Thank you for fooling me
And showing me who you actually are
The love traitor


Jehan Eldira Islamy
Bandung, 21 September 2014


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