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Met The Ex-Crush

on September 20, 2014

In my whole life, I had 2 ex boyfriends (an Indonesian and a Pakistani). I may also had some little crushes on some guys.
But, there is only someone who is really my type of Indonesian guy (physically).
He was my crush 6-7 years ago when I was still in high school. We were not in the same school, but we were in the same Bimbel / Bimbingan Belajar (Course/Tutoring) named “Nurul Fikri” in Kalimalang, next to Halim Perdana Kusuma. Yes, he does also live in Halim, but different block. I’m at Rajawali while he is at Rajawali Baru (New Rajawali).

His initial name is AY. Before, he was a bit chubby and bald. But he is still so handsome. Even in 2007 he was a teenager magazine model. He was smart as he was always be the best male student in our class, but I was smarter than him as I used to be the best in the class, hehe 😛
He always looked so cool. His behavior, his style. He is tall. He has lighter skin than mine. But I was always afraid to hit on him ’cause I knew he wouldn’t ever get interested in me. I was still so tomboy at that time. Moreover, I was so fat and black. I haven’t wore hijab yet but in Nurul Fikri all girls must wear hijab. And I used to wear simple hijab which didn’t look interesting. After finishing the course and graduating from high school, I never met him anymore. And so I stopped crushing on him.

During that time, facebook was not so popular. He didn’t even have an account there. But few months later or a year later (I don’t remember exactly), I found his facebook so I added him. We had only a simple chat such as “How are you?” and “Where are you now?”. Then I came to know that he went to Air Force Academy. UWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! My type of guy would be an officer, then he would be my type more! I like officers ❤
Unfortunately we never chat anymore ’cause he never came online on FB and I was also busy with my study. Well then so I have forgotten him and found another crushes lol.

Few years later. A week ago. I SAW HIM!
We were at a wedding party. Once I was standing somewhere and he was standing a meter in front of me. Masha Allah…. He becomes more more moreee handsome now! He looks so much stunning in his Air Force officer uniform. Yes, he has graduated and became an officer now. Oh… really my type of husband ==>> handsome Air Force officer 😛
I was eager to greet him but I was too shy. I was also afraid he might don’t remember me. And I have missed a big chance to greet him, to talk to him again after so many years.

Then I met a friend and her sister, they were AY’s neighbor.
Me: Did you meet AY?
My friend (D): AY? Seriously he comes? I haven’t met him for a long time.
Her sister (I): Where is he now?
Me: Right there. He is so handsome now!
D: Hahaha he is always handsome
I: Yeah indeed he is so handsome
Me: But I was afraid to greet him. I wonder if he remembers me?
D: You stupid! Just greet him! Why are you so shy? I’m sure he still remember you.
I: Let’s find him. We can greet him together.
Me and D: Good idea!

Unfortunately we didn’t find him. Seems he has gone home early. 😦

The next day, I saw the pictures which I took at that wedding party with my Canon. Yeah I got some of his pictures unintentionally, but none was clear ’cause he was always too far from my camera. After that I checked his facebook profile, hoping that he is still single so I would hit on him.

Is he available? I made a poem about him.. read here =)

He doesn’t have much pics on his FB. And he is not photogenic so his pics always don’t look as handsome as the real him.
I can’t upload his pics here. I will die if he ever find this post hahaha.
But well he looks alike Ben Sihombing, Petra Sihombing’s brother (they are Indonesian singers) especially on their clip video of “MINE”. Watch the video here.

ben1 ben2 Ben3 ben4

Those are pics of Ben Sihombing. Isn’t he so handsome? ❤
Hehe many people said Petra is more handsome. But Ben is more to my type ❤
I wonder if I can get handsome husband as Ben or AY. Hopefully so! 😛

Boy your heart, boy your face is so different from them others
I say, you’re the only one that I’ll adore
‘Cause every time you’re by my side
My blood rushes through my veins
And my geeky face, blushed so silly yeah, oh yeah

Boy your smile and your charm
Lingers always on my mind I’ll say
You’re the only one that I’ve waited for

And I want to make you mine

Oh, baby, I’ll take you to the sky
Forever you and I, you and I, you and I
And we’ll be together ’til we die
Our love will last forever and forever you’ll be mine, you’ll be mine


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