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I’m In Love With Asian Dramas

on September 20, 2014

Having a group chat with some friends last night, ’til I asked permission to leave, “Let me go first. Wanna watch Korean drama :P”
A friend, G: Let me joiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn!!! I heard that “It’s Ok It’s Love” is a good one!
Me: I don’t know. I haven’t watched it yet.
G: I watched “Fated To Love You” and it was soooo boring!
Me: Seriously it’s boring? I’m just about to watch that one now -_____-
G: I only watched until the 7th episode then didn’t continue it.
Me: If it’s really boring well then I will return the DVD to the shop and tell them the DVD is not working and ask to exchange with another DVD drama, hahaha
G: Hahaha OMG Jehaaann.. Anyway “Gu Family Book” is a highly recommended one!

We discussed alot about Japanese and Korean dramas. I will search for It’s Ok It’s Love, Gu Family Book, and Fated To Love You the original version (Taiwanese). While I recommend them to watch Absolute Boyfriend and Proposal Daisakusen (both the Japanese and the Korean versions). No need to recommend One Liter Of Tears because since it’s the best drama ever so everybody has watched it.


Oh crap I have searched It’s Okay It’s Love and Gu Family Book on Youtube but there was no complete episodes with English subtitle. I must copy them from any friend or buy the pirate DVDs! Haha..

Okay. Today I’m free so I will finish watching Fated To Love You as last night I only watched an episode ’cause I was so sleepy.

If you have any recommended other Asian dramas, please do comment below, thankies! ❤ =)


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