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Another Lies

on September 20, 2014

Found out his another lies.
About his height…
About his father’s job…
About his financial aid…
Why can’t he just be the way he is?
Lies won’t make you look better, boy.
I don’t like someone who can’t be just the way they are.

I have a male cousin.
He always tells truth about him and his family condition to people, no exaggerating, no lies.
After finishing high school, he didn’t continue his study because his brain cannot think too much. And he doesn’t feel embarrassed to admit it to people.
His mother is only a housewife while his father doesn’t work because of eyes problem. His brother is a chef while his sister is a cashier. They are a low middle class family. And he doesn’t feel embarrassed to admit it to people.

Now what?
He is gonna get married next year.
With whom?
With a woman who is rich and has bakery business. But she is a widowed with some kids.
We know, he truly loves her. My father even already asked him so many things and tested him. Yes, he loves her because of herself, not because of her money.
While she loves him because he is always just the way he is and never feels embarrassed to admit his family condition, and never lies about it. She hates guys who lie about their wealth, education, work, family, etc, just to make them look better. It won’t make women get impressed.

When I found out about those lies, I was feeling fooled. But then I laughed at myself. Now I don’t feel any jealousy anymore. I don’t care about him anymore. Good bye.


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