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The Forgettable Ex Lover

on September 19, 2014

Got dizzy with these all office works. After leaving the office, I went to a coffee shop. Alone. To refresh my brain.

I sat on a single round table in the corner. Replied some messages on my WhatsApp messenger while enjoying my white coffee. And suddenly someone approached me.

“Marsha?”, he asked.
“Umm.. Yes, I am. Pardon me, do I know you?”
This guy was tall and handsome, with fair skin and brown eyes. He wore a blue shirt with a red tie. His face seemed familiar to me but I didn’t remember him.
“Ooh yeah you may not remember me. Well, I’m a friend of your husband. I’m Vino. Is he with you now anyway?”, and his eyes looked around all over the coffee shop, maybe looked for my husband.
“No, I’m alone. He is now having a duty in Semarang. Will come back next week.”
“Ooh okay. Well, it’s nice to meet my friend’s wife. Sorry I have to go now.”
“Nice to meet you too, mas Vino.”
He laughed and said, “Just Vino. We are age-fellow.”
How did he know my age? Or it was just an excuse?
“Ohh hehe okay. Anyway, did we ever meet somewhere? Because your face looks familiar to me but sorry I didn’t remember you.”
He smiled and looked at me. I didn’t know it was just my imagination or what, but I saw sadness in his eyes.
“Yes. On your wedding.”
“Ooh you came? It was 3 years ago then. No wonder I didn’t remember you, hehe..”
“Haha yeah.. Anyway, you come here everyday?”
“Umm.. not everyday but often. I don’t know why I like this coffee shop. There are many more cozzy coffee shops but I prefer this one. Feel like I already had memories here. Or maybe I was born here, hehe..”
“Hahaha.. is that so?”
“Haha no, of course I was born in a hospital, not in a coffee shop.”
“No, I mean.. What kind of memories you have with this shop?”
“I don’t know. I just feel so.”
“Hmm okay. Well, Marsha, I really have to go now. Oh, can we meet again this weekend? Do you have time? I have something for you and your husband.”
“Oh sure. How about this Saturday night?”
“Okay. Where?”
“Okay, madam.”
I smiled. He smiled. Then we laughed together. It was the first time I talked to him but I felt like I have been knowing him for a long time.
He said bye and left by his motorbike.


Saturday night. I came again to this coffee shop. This time I was not alone. I brought my son with me. Vino was already there when we arrived.
“Hey Vino, good evening.”, I greeted him.
He looked so stunning with his casual look. I liked his brown jacket. It matched with his eyes.
“Heeeyyy, who is this handsome kid?”, he asked my son and lifted him.
“I’m mama’s son.”, my son replied.
“Hahaha.. what’s your name, dear?”
“Alvino Rhedi.”
I saw him a bit surprised. He looked at me at a glance.
“My name is also Alvino. You can call me uncle Vin.”, he said to my son.
I laughed and asked him, “Well, his nickname is also Vino. Don’t tell me your last name is also Rhedi?”
He laughed, “You will know from this.”
He took something from his bag and gave it to me. A wedding invitation.
“Oh my God, you are getting married? Congratulations!”
“Thanks.. Please come with your husband and son.”
I checked the names on his invitation.
Diani Putri & Alvino Rangga.
“So, it’s Rangga, not Rhedi, hehe..”, I joked.
“Yup. And why did your husband name your son Alvino? Seems he is my secret fan, hahaha..”
“Hahaha.. Well actually the name Alvino was given by me. I just loved that name.”
“Is that so? I see..”, he smiled and once again I saw sadness in his eyes. I was bit sure it was not my imagination.
I opened his wedding invitation and looked at the pre-wedding picture. They looked match to each other. His wife-to-be is not so beautiful but she is sweet and cute. The more I looked at that picture, the more I felt something weird. I was not sure about my feelings at that time. A bit jealousy. I wonder why was that so? I loved my husband and I didn’t know this guy!

We talked a lot that night. He didn’t bring Diani with him ’cause she had a conferrence in Malaysia. He told me about his friendship with my husband and all their silly things they did when they were in university. He was a humorous guy, unlike my serious husband. Once I was thinking at that time, “Why did I fall for my husband? Not this guy?”

The time went so fast. We have passed 3 hours already. Before we went home, I took a photo of him with my son.


Few days later, my husband went back home. I showed him Vino’s wedding invitation card. I told him it was funny knowing that this guy had the same first name with our son. I also told my husband that since my first meeting with this guy, I felt like I have been knowing him for a long time and he looked familiar to me.
So I asked my husband, “Baby, please be honest. Did I knew him before? Before my accident.”
“He didn’t tell you anything?”
“He only told me that he was your friend since in the university and he came to our wedding.”
“Okay. I think it’s a right time for you to know the truth.”
“What truth?”
“Are you ready to listen this story, honey?”
“…. yes…”
He exhealed a very deep breath, and then started his story.
“Honey, the fact is… He was your ex-boyfriend.”
“What? Baby, please be serious! You were my only ex boyfriend since high school and now you are my husband.”
“I’m serious as serious as I’m loving you.”
I was really shocked. I asked him, “When was it? How long was our relationship?”
“Honey, you had been being in a relationship with him for almost 5 years. Since our first year in university. You was about to get engaged with him. But then you got that car accident and almost lost your life. You was unconcious for 2 weeks and when you wake up, you didn’t remember any memories since university life. As you woke up, you saw your family and me beside you. Vino was doing his prayer at that time in the prayer room. Do you remember that when you saw me, you called me ‘baby’? And then you cried and asked me to hug you. I was afraid Vino would be upset if I hugged you, but your parents begged me to do so I did. Unfortunately, Vino was already in front of the room and he saw us hugging each other. You didn’t remember him, your boyfriend and your fiance-to-be at that time. But instead you remembered me as your boyfriend because you didn’t remember a thing after your high school life.”

My eyes began to teary.
“Why you never told me about this? No one told me even my family! Why? And why he never showed up himself after I recovered? Why did he leave me if he loved me? Baby, please explain this to me…”
“Your parents.”, he exhealed a deep breath again.
“My parents? What did they do?”
“At that time when I was hugging you, your father saw Vino watching us from the window. So he went out to meet him and told him to go and forced him to break the relation between you and him.”
I was very shocked!
“Impossible! Why did dad do that to him?!”
“Your dad actually never agreed about your relationship with him although you were gonna get engaged with him. Your dad preferred me to be your husband so he took it as a chance. I also still had feelings for you so my evil side ruined my brain and I grabbed you from him. I’m so sorry honey… So as an apology, I let you named our son as Alvino.”

I was burst into tears. He wanted to hug me but I told him to keep away from me. I was so upset. I couldn’t believe my husband did such fraudulent thing to get me back to him.

I took my phone and showed him Vino’s pic with my son at the coffee shop. He smiled and told me that the brown jacket which Vino wore was a birthday gift from me. I also just came to know that that coffee shop was my favorite place with Vino for our dates. At that shop also the first time Vino confessed his feelings to me. I cried more.

I realized I still loved Vino. But it was all too late. So late. I was married with Firza for 3 years and we had had a 2 years old son. Even if I asked for divorce, it was still too late as Vino was gonna get married with another woman.

My husband knelt to me and apologized. He then asked me, “Do you remember him now? Do your feelings towards him come back again now? I was always afraid to tell you about him because I was afraid I’d be losing you once again…”

I could see sincerity on his teary eyes. Hey, what was I just thinking? Oh, forgive me, God! This man in front of me was my husband and I loved him! I shouldn’t regret any of my past anymore. I had Firza and my little Vino. I had a happy 3 years marriage and would be continued.

I hugged him and cried, “Baby, I’m sorry. I was only upset because you were hiding this truth for so many years. Please don’t think I still love him. I love you, Firza Mahendra! I do love you so much, I do love our son, and will always do! I will never leave you and I know you love me that much.”
He smiled and kissed my forehead, “Thank you, honey. I love you too.”

Two weeks later, we went to Vino’s wedding. I congratulated him and his wife. I saw them standing together and there was no jealousy anymore inside me. I held my husband’s hand so tightly. Vino saw us. His eyes and smile seemed say something to me, “I’m glad you are happy with him.”.


Sorry for the incorrect grammar. The writer is not so fluent in English.
Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚
And please comment ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 responses to “The Forgettable Ex Lover

  1. IRIS says:

    The question is: which one more handsome between Vino and Firza?

    If Vino more handsome…

    Let’s divorce…


    That is the truth… Love is selfish.

    Cinta itu egois.

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