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My Poem: *untitled*

on September 18, 2014

It’s uneasy to forget
All our beautiful memories
Our dreams which never came true
Our sweet promises which were broken

How we used to laugh together
Shared things every single night
Celebrated our day every 23rd of each month
Sent birthday gifts on September and December

I saw you as my reflection
I thought you would be my soul mate
You were my zindagi
But you killed me

How greedy we were?
Thought we would marry
Thought you would never fall for another
Thought you would never hurt me this much

Dear me,
Listen to others
Stop praying for him
He is not a human
‘Cause every God’s creature has a heart
But he doesn’t

We can’t forget memories
But we can move on


Have no idea how to continue this poem as my tears are starting to fall again..
How came I fall for a heartless person?

When I broke up with my Indonesian ex, he helped me to move on by leaving me slowly. But my Pakistani ex left me directly and cut everything between us.

He thinks women’s hearts are same as men’s hearts.

Give me a strengh dear God.. 😥
And now for the first time, i beg You, please give him karma just to make him feel what I have been feeling and suffering!
Wallahi ya Rabb I can’t stand it anymore! He is too much! 😥


2 responses to “My Poem: *untitled*

  1. IRIS says:

    Let’s pray about our Military men are back! Aamiin ya Allah

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