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My Day – 18th September 2014

on September 18, 2014

I made a stupid mistake again. Shame on me! 😦

I should have came to campus this morning, but what I did this morning? Cried, cried, and cried. I even called some friends just so I could feel calm.

Firstly at about 7am I called my bestie Dina. I told her about my ex who didn’t wanna eat my cupcakes, also about his cold behaviour towards me. She was upset and she said she would find his fb and talk to him.

After that I also told Chitra and mbak Waty, but only on BBM chat. I also had a chat with an Indian guy on Whatsapp. Suddenly it’s already 11 AM so I took a bath. After 30 minutes taking bath, I saw there was message from my ex’s cousin. I wonder what was it. And when I opened it…. ASTAGHFIRULLAH!!! He sent me many porn pics! WTH! He thinks I’m a prostitute?! Bastard!

I was mad but it was all vain cuz he cannot speak English. So I took screenshots of his stupid messages and sent them to my ex through email. But he didn’t reply me. I became more angry so I called sent him angry messages on Skype. I dunno whether he got my messages or not cuz he has removed me on Skype. So I tried to call him. Yes I called him many times and he attended my calls, but he didn’t say a thing, even he muted his mic. After some calls, I called him again many times but he rejected them. I was so upset and fed up! I couldn’t hold not to cry. At the same time, a friend wanted to call me, so I called her. I cried so hard when calling her, even her mom heard me crying and they tried to cheer me up. Her mom said to me, “You are beautiful and smart. And hey you are ITB student! I’m sure there are a looott of guys dream to have a girl like you.”

Thanks to them that finally I stop crying. I think I cried to them for an hour. After that, my other friend, Nia, called me asking what has happened. So I told her about the cupcakes and about the porn pics. I didn’t cry anymore at that time. Even until now, I’m not feeling sad anymore. Instead, I’m still a bit mad.

Anyway, no one knew about the cupcakes before, so my bestfriends were surprised hearing this. Chitra even didn’t understand me. She told me not to give anything anymore to my ex if I want to move on. She was right. I was so fool.

I went to campus at 2PM.
Firstly I needed to meet my parent teacher, Mr. Ucok. But unfortunately his assistant told me that he just left to Bali this morning and will go back to Bandung tomorrow. I was hopeless ’cause I needed his sign to an important document.

So I met Mr. Haryanta, the administrator man at PE program. He told me that I could ask for Mrs. Ferry’s sign as my parent teacher substitute. Got it. But I still needed two other signs, from the Head of PE Program (Mr. Bonar), and from the dean of my faculty (Mr. Aji). They both were in the seminar room, executing some students who presented their final projects today. So I waited for them for almost 2 hours in front of the room. Got their signs!

Btw there was a funny scene, that Mr. Bonar didn’t recognize my face. He even called me “Mrs.”. He said my face was not familiar to him. Hell yeah it’s because I never took any of your class, sir. -_-
OMG do I look so old now? Damn shit it’s all because of my bad acne on my whole cheeks 😥 I started having so many acne after my breaking up cuz I didn’t take care of myself even my face.

After I got those signs from important people, I ran out of the campus, took a public transportation and went directly to the Directorate of Education building. I gave them the document but they rejected it. They said I should attach a cover letter too from myself which has to be approved by the faculty. I really begged them to give me chance cuz it was already at 4 PM and they would close after a half hour. But they didn’t care at all. So I went back to campus, to PE building.

I told about the letter problem to Mr. Haryanta. Then all administrators were busy helping me making the letter. I felt so shameful that I always bothered them. The letter was finished at about 4.30 PM but they told me to come back again tomorrow, cuz if I went back to the Directorate, they would be angry. So I went back to hostel.


One response to “My Day – 18th September 2014

  1. IRIS says:

    Busy busy day! The last semester kid!

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