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My Day – 17th September 2014

on September 17, 2014

Rochvi and Hafid called me this morning, asking me to go back to Bandung today or at least tomorrow. Actually I already wanna go back since last Monday but I’m always too lazy to go back there.. -,-

When I was packing my luggage, suddenly I got a call from someone, then we talked for 2 hours. I talked with a very soft voice in other room cuz I didn’t wanna my parents hear me, lol.

After that, I saw my mom eating papaya and so I joined her. When I was eating papaya while watching TV, suddenly she said, “You were on call but had no sound. So I was right.”.
I asked her, “Right about what?”
She answered, “That you have got a new boyfriend. Hahaha.. no need to hide it from me..”
I only laughed saying, “Oh please mom..”

Don’t make me blush, mom! Hehehe… πŸ™‚



At Cipaganti travel agent now. Too late to reach the 15.30 departure, now I must wait for the 16.30 departure. Good hell-bye, Jakarta! See you again after 2 weeks lol -_-

Anyway I’m wearing my new hijab wkwkwk πŸ˜› This is my favorite one now hehe πŸ˜›

I got an idea to make some posts of hijab tutorials on my blog. Hopefully it will be useful for the hijabis πŸ˜€

I love hijab although my hair is beautiful πŸ˜›


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