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When your ex got engaged….

on September 16, 2014

Still early morning and I got annoyed by a friend. A pakistani guy who is so popular on Pakistan-Indonesia group because of his stubbornness. How stubborn? That he doesn’t wanna move on from his Indonesian ex-gf. Some people who know his ex even have already told him many times that she would get married, but he never believed and always said confidently, “I know she is still single and she still loves me.”.

And now what? He cried to me telling that his ex has just got engaged last Saturday, and sent me the pic. Well yeah I could know it’s a real engagement pic since she wore a complete engagement kebaya in red color and her man wore a complete suit. There was a woman too, I think she was that man’s mother. They looked like middle eastern or south asian people. As I remember, her man is Indian or Egyptian.

He used to asked some of his trusted Indonesian friends to contact his ex, including me. He gave me her address, mobile phone number, and family’s numbers too. But I never called her since I don’t know her. But on last Eid I helped him ordering a secret cake for her. Actually he asked me again to send a cake for her again on next Eid ul Adha, but I refused. Because I heard from people that she has got married so I’m afraid her husband would be angry to her if she got cake from her ex.
Yes, everytime people (who are my Pakistani friend’s friends) contacted her, she always told us that she has got married.

Hey guys, if a girl already told you that she has got married (no matter it’s true or not), it means a totally direct rejection towards you!
Now I’m sure he is crying so badly, although he told me, “I am not crying. I’m happy cuz she is happy. :)”. Bullsh*t with that. How come we don’t cry if someone we really love, gets married with another person? Although you don’t produce tears, at least you cry in your heart.

Well, I hope he can accept the reality now and move on. Good luck, bhai! 🙂
If you ever need me to bully you, I’m here for you, lol >:D


Aah… I got some informations that her fiance is a Pakistani too but lives in Dubai.

This friend, he’s still crying but he doesn’t wanna her mom see him crying.
Sorry to say but he is stupid. He was the fool one. As I remember, they broke up since 3 years ago. After that his ex went into some relationships until finally she got engaged now.

Hey 3 years was not a short time. I was wondering why he never wanted to move on and still waited for her although she had got new guys after him. Then he told me that she told him that she would wait for him till death. Even she wrenched her hand and wrote the letter “A” on her hand (A is the initial name of him). I asked him to show me the proofs but he said those were on emails and one day she logged in his email account and deleted everything about them. Yes they used to share their passwords each other. But after they broke up, she changed her password while he didn’t.

I know he loves her that much but he is just stupid. He is torturing himself. He knew that she has moved on and got a new guy but he still waited for her.

But sometimes I feel envious towards her. Well, my ex won’t wait for me and be so faithful as my friend did to his ex. 🙂


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