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My Poem: I Want To Move On

on September 15, 2014


The sweets taste bitter
The jokes sound lame
The rainbow looks dull
My favorite songs sound boring

The wings are broken
The feet are paralyzed
The hands are limp
Yet the heart is not gonna stop beating

The night is deserted
The moon is dim in grieving
The wind is rampaging
The me is crying

The time goes by so slowly
I can’t conquer it
Anyone, please reach my hands out
As I’m going to fall into the infinite cruel destiny

Lend me your shoulders to cry on
Give me a mat for prostration
Tell me any motivational stories
Or slap my face to wake me up from this sorrow

I don’t wanna be this weak
I was strong, when I didn’t know love
I wanna be the new me
A strong lady who can conquer the time
Let’s be strong and move on
Move on.


Jehan Eldira Islamy
Jakarta, Friday, 4th July 2014


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