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Poem: Love Story

on September 15, 2014

### LOVE STORY ###

I have been wandering in this desert of love
Looking for something I wish I could have
Tired and weary, I need someone to rescue me
With courage and wisdom, who could possibly be?

Before, my world was black and white
Until you came, and gave me light
You are my sun that shines so bright
You give me strength in every fight
You have the love that no one can show me
You fill me up when I am gloomy

Now I don’t have much burden to carry
‘Cause when I’m with you, there’s nothing to worry
Your warm embrace can ease my pain
Your sweetest smile can stop the rain
I see no harm when you’re around
‘Cause with you, I’m safe and sound

Tears and joy make the history
Of trust and faith kept in our memory
I want to thank you for sharing with me
The most wonderful love story


For my future husband ♡♡♡ 🙂


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