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Loving you… Who?

on September 1, 2014

Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful…
Loving you is all I wanna do…
Loving you is more than just a dream comes true…

The problem is, who is that “you”?

I recently had a crush on someone. A good quality man. But he is not interested in me so my feelings have gradually gone. Since a good man is for a good woman and vice versa, so it means I’m not good enough compared to him. Woohoo, what a motivation! I must change myself into a better person so I will get a good quality husband as him or even better! 😀

Many people keep more than 1 lovers although they’re not a playboy/girl, just because they wanna choose one who is more worthy to married. Well but I’m not that kind of person.

Now I currently enjoy being single. No boy no cry. Even if there were some guys love me, I’d better choose one of them in the end to get married with, rather than go in relationship with all or some of them.

Cheating is so hurting, isn’t it?
Since I don’t wanna get cheated so I won’t ever cheat on anyone.

After my last crush, I don’t have any new crush on anyone else right now. I guess maybe next year. I’m gonna graduate, get a new job and new friends. I will meet a lot of new people including the single ones lol, so I may fall in love with one of them. And I hope he will be my last one inshaa Allah. 😉

My past relationships have taught me many things. I also met new people whose actions reminded me of mine in the past. So inshaa Allah I will be a better gf and the best wife for my husband soon.

For example, when I was reading some people’s status or comments which seemed “intention-seeker” (such as telling their problems on their status or comments, and mostly about relationship), I felt like “OMG! So alay!”. But then I laughed at myself cuz I used to do it too before my friends ‘slapped’ me. Haha..
Sometimes I wanna ‘slap’ such people too but well yeah not everyone could accept your criticism. Instead they would be angry and slap your face literally lol.

I’m feeling blessed to have mature friends around me. 🙂


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