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After hundred of years, my ex texted me.

on June 24, 2014

I had a clash with Sahil few days ago. Who is Sahil? Read here. The things have gone well now, but everything is not same anymore. Well, I never miss him anymore. And I can feel he starts keeping away from me. Even last night finally he told me he would accept the girl whom his family has arranged for him. He used to ignore that girl because he was still waiting for me. I feel bad about this. I’m so sorry. If I loved him, I would have reciprocate his love. But I don’t. I know, I broke his heart. I hurt him. I’m really sorry about this. But what else I can do?

He told me that he would meet that girl this week. If he likes her, then he will accept that arrange marriage. They will get engaged few months later, and get married few years later. I’m glad to hear that. I’m sure that girl will be better than me, for him. I’m not jealous at all, so it’s clear that I don’t have any special feelings for him, right?

I hope, they are really match to each other. I wish they have a happy life and their relationship works and lasts forever. Inshaa Allah aamiin.

What about me?

Well, after hundred of years, few days ago my ex Nanda texted me on WhatsApp messenger. At first, he only asked about my WA’s avatar. At that time, I used a famous photograph by Steve McCurry, it’s a pathan girl in green shawl. Pathan is a tribe in Pakistan. He asked me about that girl, so I explained to him.

It was in the morning, 20th of June. When I heard the WA notification, I thought it was from Sahil or my other friends. I was so surprised that it was actually my ex. And thankfully he didn’t insult me as usual since after the breaking up.

Two days later, at night he texted me again on WA. He only told me that he just finished watching a Japanese drama “One Liter of Tears” and it made him cry too much. He said he found that drama in the folder of my pictures. He also told me how he really likes the main characters of that drama.

I only replied once, that I forgot if I ever sent him that drama. Well I guessed maybe I ever put it on dropbox. When we were still in a relationship, we had a shared folder for us on dropbox. I also teased him, “It’s better than Humsafar na? Haha..”. Humsafar is a Pakistani drama.

He replied on the next day, “I haven’t seen Humsafer”. I didn’t reply to him. On the next day (yesterday, 23 June), he sent message again, “*watched”. (He meant to fix his previous sentence.). But I didn’t reply him. Until now we haven’t talked again.

Well, I don’t love him anymore. Yes I was happy that he texted me. Because I was always waiting for him. No, not as a lover anymore. But I’m waiting for repairing the friendship. Sounds impossible, but nothing is impossible. And I’m a bit relieved now. At least, his hatred towards me has been reduced. 🙂

I figured out that he lied to me one thing. After our breaking up he told me that he has deleted all of my pictures and videos. But now he told me that he found the drama in the folder of my pictures. Oh gosh!


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