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My Day – 14th June

on June 15, 2014

There is a guy who has been loving me even before I met my ex. Since my breaking up, he started chasing after me again. Everyday he tells me how much he loves me and how he really wanna marry me so badly. I don’t know why I can’t reciprocate his love. I don’t have any special feeling towards him. And I always put him in the friendzone.

But since 2 days ago, I have been always missing him. But I don’t love him yet, I think. He was so happy hearing that I missed him. He asked me to Skype last Friday night but unfortunately I fell asleep. He was upset, he said he has already expected this cause I used to refuse to Skype with him. I apologized to him. Well yeah I used to refuse to Skype with him and any other guy except my (ex)bf cause I really don’t like to have video call with guys. But at that time actually I wished to Skype with him too, but I really fell asleep. I have told him that night, “sorry I’m so sleepy now. Let’s Skype tomorrow morning.”, but he didn’t hear me. On the Saturday morning (yesterday) he was mad but after I explaining alhamdulillah he could understand. He then asked me again to Skype but again unfortunately I couldn’t. I was outside with my brother and my brother’s gf.

Yeah, my brother and his girlfriend are in Bandung now. But they will go back to Jakarta today. Yesterday we had late breakfast at Warung Pasta, a pasta cafe next to my campus. After that we went to Cihampelas Walk, a mall near to my campus. We went to the cinema there. We watched “22 Jump Street”. My brother was the one who chosed the movie. Actually I had no idea about that movie. But when the movie was about to start… OMG CHANNING TATUM! Ok then I don’t care this gonna be a good or boring movie as long as I can see Channing Tatum and his stunning body, uuuufff… Hahahaha… And well yeah it was a good movie! Pretty funny! 😀

After watching the movie, we bought J-Cool yoghurt at J-Co. My brother’s gf and I were enjoying the yoghurt there while my brother went alone looking for new shirt and jeans. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any which fits to him. After that they dropped me back to my hostel. My brother’s gf was gonna attend her friend’s wedding while my brother was gonna meet his friend somewhere. They promised me if they still have time they would take me to have dinner together at Kedai Ling-Ling and go karaoke. I waited for them but I got no call from them then I went asleep at about 10 PM.

I accidentaly woke up at about 2 PM and saw there was a message from my brother an hour after I went asleep, he asked me whether I have gone sleep or not. I didn’t reply to him cause I was afraid he might already slept at that time and my message would just wake him up.

My parents are currently in Malang. They went to a wedding party there. They will fly back to Jakarta this morning.

It’s Sunday morning and I often go to Car Free Day in Dago Bandung. It’s almost 7 AM now and I think I’m gonna prepare now to go to the CFD. Maybe I will find cute stuffs there hehe. I wanna buy some cute stuffs for my Pakistani friends and for my ex’s sisters. 😛

Anyway, Italy won againts England, 2-1. #WorldCup
I sent a SMS to my ex, congratulated him cause Italy is his favorite team. He didn’t reply me. Lol

Bandung, Sunday, 15th June 2014.


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